Newest Games

Baby Panda


In this casual educational game, your little one will surely enjoy every single detail of it. Here, your kids will do a lot of fun activities like shopping, schooling, and mingling with friends.

Disco Zoo


Owning and managing a zoo seems like a fun task, but it could also be daunting. After all, you have to make sure all of the animals are cared for.

Raider Origin


This is the kind of MMORPG you are searching for if you are adventurous enough to fight. If you want to learn about this exciting game, continue reading to be guided.

Almost a Hero


Get ready to transform regular townsfolk into mighty heroes in Almost a Hero – Idle RPG. Evolve flawed and broken individuals into almost powerful warriors.

Romance Club


This adventure game, as the game title suggests, brings you an interactive game storytelling experience. If you’re ready, prepare yourself for a mood of romance by continuing reading.

Sweet Candy


GMatch-three games are here to entertain us every time we’re bored. These are the kind of games that excite us, that won’t make you feel stressed, and can give you the satisfaction of completing a level. Moreover, it’s all about hitting the goal to complete the level.

Tennis Clash


Now you can play your favorite sport with your friends, family, or other fans in the comfort of your computer. Engage in hours of competitive online multiplayer gameplay and unlock awesome loots.

Badland Brawl


In this strategy game, you’ll immerse yourself in a physics-based battlefield where you must tactically sling your clones, combine them, and develop dangerous chain attacks against enemies.

Prepare for a gaming experience beyond imagination.

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Flip the Frog


With its easy-to-understand gameplay and excellent graphics, even kids will surely love playing this game. However, even though the gameplay is easy, it doesn’t mean that there is no challenge behind this game.

Little Big Snake


Snake your way across opponents to accomplish objectives, improve your abilities, and eliminate rivals.



It’s a casual racing game published by Tree Men Games. It’s a game you’ll be driving on an endless highway while swerving through traffic.

Mob Control


It’s a casual arcade game where your goal is to destroy and loot the base of other players. To do that, you just launch your mob toward their base.

Tofu Girl


If you’re looking for a fun action game to play, try playing Tofu Girl. Published by JoyPac, it’s a game where you try to stack as many tofu as you can. But the gameplay won’t be as simple as you think.

Ground Digger


It’s a game that Nordeus published and gives you a simple goal of defeating opponents and destroying their portals. Though it seems simple, it’s not an easy goal to achieve.

Fleet Battle


This is the original board game’s Android adaptation. Think of yourself as the captain of a lethal battleship.



If you are keen on having fun and meeting new friends online, then you will love this realistic simulation game. We invite you to try playing Highrise Virtual Metaverse.